Imagine this...

Reaching your goal weight and going shopping for new clothes to celebrate. You automatically go for the larger sizes - you smile as realise your mistake - you wear 4 sizes down now. 

Or what about... having such a good hold on your finances that you could book a 6 week trip for you and your partner to Sweden - whenever you felt like - and not return broke or in debt?

And! Imagine being able to buy your first home. You could find the one. The gorgeous villa you've fantasised about renovating. Complete with white picket fence and sweet little vege garden!

In 2016 I decided to find a way that would let me achieve those dreams of mine - but in a way that didn't depend on motivation or willpower. 

Because I was running pretty low on both just thinking about the MASSIVE changes I had to make in order for these dreams to happen.

I read 'self help' books (so you don't have to)

And lots of them. Surely one of them had to have the 'secret to life' and magically make my dreams a reality.

Sadly, no magic secrets...

But what I did find is that we've been over complicating goals for far too long.

And that goals are actually really easy. When you know how.

Here's what I want to achieve...
  • To reach my goal weight by December, without exercising.
  • Buy a house within the next 2 years, and not work full time.
  • Be 100% debt free by the end of 2018 (no more student loan, over drafts or loans)
  • Have a $1,000,000 in the bank within the next 10 years, without scrimping & saving every cent.

... Not asking for much, aye? 🙂

I finally started 4 weeks ago and I already:

  • Weigh 5kg less (and didn't have to sweat or eat kale once)
  • Paid off some debt, saved some money (while still shopping)
  • Discovered that my man and I are able to look at houses around $400,000 (never thought I'd see the day)

All this from just doing a little bit each day with the 90 Day Goal Planner.

I never thought I'd see results so quickly. Usually after a month I've given up, wasted my money on stupid things, and eaten 1kg worth of junk food in a week.

What more could you ask for?
It's a lazy goal getter's dream!