Vision Board Cards of Confidence

Cards of Confidence

A beautiful set of 8 x Mighty Mini Cards featuring empowering quotes & thought-provoking words to motivate & reassure you.

How do Mighty Mini Cards help me reach my goal?

One of the most common barriers people have to reaching their goals is a negative mindset.

As Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful and have a direct influence on how you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically.

So if you’re busy telling yourself that you can’t, it’s too hard, it’s not worth it, or to put it off ’til tomorrow – you will achieve nothing.

And that’s how these mini cards help you. They give a 2 second script to read that instantly flips those negative ideas into positive, productive trains of thought that you get you places.

You’ll instantly begin to notice a difference. Your thoughts will naturally become more positive and encouraging as you use the cards. And as a result, you’ll also feel motivated to keep at your goal.

I like to keep these cards in my wallet, by my computer screen – and wherever I tend to hang out when I’m procrastinating.

Because they’re half the size of a regular business card, they fit just about anywhere. Need a quick confidence boost before presenting an idea at work or to a crowd? Keep one in your pocket.

Or need a subtle reminder to choose a healthier option when buying food? Keep one in your wallet.

Below you’ll find a list of clever places to put them & genius ways to use them.

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How do I use them?

Use it as a friendly reminder to make a healthier or cheaper choice.


An instant positive reminder when fishing for your keys or phone.


Perfect for checking in with yourself every time you pick up your book.