Why Your Personality Type Matters When Setting Goals

What’s unique about this 90 day goal planner is that it considers your personality, your unique goal-setting type.

This is because different personality types approach goals in different ways. And it’s important to know how you should be setting your goals.

Lets take a quick look at the planning styles – Flexible vs. Organised.
Organised types prefer to have the path to their locked down and planned accordingly. Whereas Flexible types are open to change throughout their journey and aren’t hung up on the steps needed to get there.

Not knowing your type can be stressful because you might be trying to set goals in a way that doesn’t work for you. And because it makes the whole process difficult and stressful, you’re likely to give up real quick.

With the 90 Day Planner you’ll also learn about your Motivation, Passion, and Energy personality types.

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